Program for APEC TPTWG-42

Date Time Activity
2-4 April   Delegates arrive
Day 1 –  4 April 0800-1700 Registration desk open
  0900-1030 Side Meeting # 1- Women In Transport Meeting
  1030-1100 Coffee break
  1100-1230 HOD 1 & Management Group Meeting
  1230-1330 Working Lunch
  1330-1500 Side Meeting #2  Heavy road mass vehicles
  1330-1500 Side meeting #3  WIT Pilot Programs
  1500-1700 Opening Plenary
  1700-1900 Free time
  1900-2130 Welcome Reception and Dinner
Day 2 – 5 April 0800-1230 Registration desk open
  0900-1030 Expert Group Meetings x 4 – Maritime, Land, Aviation and Intermodal and ITS
  1030-1100 Coffee break
  1100-1230 Sub-group Break-out Meetings x 9 – Maritime Exports, Vehicle Standards Harmonization, Air Services, Aviation Safety, Aviation Security, Maritime Security, Intermodal and ITS, Road and Rail Safety and Global Navigation Satellite System Implementation Team
  1230-1400 Working Lunch
  1400-1530 Sub-group Break-out Meetings  (cont.) x9
  1400-1600 Side meeting # 4 (if required)
  1530-1600 Coffee break
  1600-1730 Sub-group  Break-out Meetings (cont.) x 9
  Evening Free
Day 3 – 6 April 0900-1030 Preparation of Sub-group reports for Expert Group Chairs x 9
  1030-1100 Coffee break
  1100-1230 Expert Group Meetings x 4
  1230-1400 Working Lunch
  1400-1530 Expert Group Meetings (cont.) x 4
  1530-1600 Coffee break
  1600-1730 Preparation of Expert Group Reports for HOD’s and Closing Plenary
  Evening Free
Day 4 – 7 April 0900-1030 HoD #2 Meeting
  1030-1100 Coffee break
  1100-1230 Closing Plenary
  1230-1400 Working Lunch
  1400-1700 Cultural/Technical Tours (optional)
  1900-2100 Farewell Dinner
8-9 April All day Delegates depart

Side Meetings

If economies wish to conduct a side meeting please liaise with the Lead Shepherd who will confirm details with the Meeting Secretariat.

Important Requirements for Submission of Meeting Documents

Please submit all documents in soft copy by emailing to No document will be accepted or reproduced unless it is submitted in soft copy together with a Document Reproduction Request Form (DRRF).

As per the rules for the Submission of Papers for TPTWG Meetings (TPTWG/18/PLEN/6), all documents and PowerPoint presentations for APEC TPTWG-42 must be submitted in soft copy four weeks in advance of the commencement of the meeting, by 7 March 2016. Expert Groups may defer any late submissions for intercessional work or until the next meeting.

Delegates are reminded to note the following when submitting their documents/presentations:

  • Use separate emails to submit papers for different meetings
  • Type the name of the meeting in the subject field
  • Indicate (in the body of the email) which papers are being submitted
  • Ensure documents (Word, PPT, PDF, etc.) submitted are not password-protected
  • Ensure documents submitted are compatible with MS Office 2010

“Less Paper” Meeting System

The APEC TPTWG-42 will follow a good example of previous TPTWG meetings in promoting a “Less Paper” meeting. All documents can be downloaded from the dedicated APEC Papua New Guinea 2018 Coordination Authority website nearer the time of TPTWG-42.

All delegates are encouraged to bring their laptops or tablets. Hard copies of the meeting materials will only be available upon prior request to the TPTWG-42 Coordination Desk. Wi-Fi will be available in meeting rooms.

Document Production

Document production facilities will be available in the Common Delegation Room at the International Convention Centre.

Document Distribution

Documents for meetings will be available on the dedicated TPTWG-42 website before the start of each meeting. Delegates are required to download the documents by themselves. Printed papers will only be distributed to delegates who have made prior requests.

PowerPoint Presentation

For the presentation during the Opening Plenary and Closing Plenary, delegates are recommended to appoint an officer to manage the PowerPoint slides at the control panel. You can download the PowerPoint Template at

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